Sunday, May 6, 2012

Open Letter to Crytek

Dear Crytek,

With the news that a sequel is coming out in 2013, which isn’t very surprising at all, I figured, I’ll make a list of things that will make me want to buy the game. This is for PC gamers of course. This is my way to saying, I’ll give this series one last shot. Please don’t disappoint fans this time around.

So here is what the ideal game is going be like:

1. Support for DX 11 at launch & better graphics options DX11 support from the get go. Kindly do not repeat the same mistake that was made with Crysis 2. The original game had a ton of options. It was very disappointing to see that Crysis 2 was a huge step backwards.

2. No more re-spawning enemies After a high quality game like Crysis, it was just disappointing to see this in the last game.

3. No invisible walls – Kindly do not resort this! It is terrible, and you are far too good to be doing that!

Invisible walls in Crysis 2

4. Support for quick save PCs are capable of quick save, and I believe that this should be included in the game. Trying to tell gamers when to save and what not to is very annoying. If you want to use checkpoints, go ahead, but let gamers save wherever. Crysis did this, not sure why this had to be removed in the next game, considering this functionality is already built in!

5. Stop trying to ape Call of Duty - Really…just stop. Asking for $60 at launch and making a Call of Duty clone is not a way to make gamers happy.

6. Make your game available on Steam – Unless Crysis 3 received a really good review from PC Gamer, I doubt I will be buying the game on Origin at launch.

7. Avoid day one DLC – You are not helping yourself here. You haven’t done that so far, there is no need to stoop so low this time.

8. Stop worrying about piracy - No matter what you do, your game will be pirated. Give gamers the incentive to buy your game. Here is the best way to do this – make a great game!

9. Don’t ignore PC gamers - Considering that Crysis sold 3 million copies, you really shouldn’t be ignoring this platform. Make a multi platform game by all means. If that means your company will make more money, so be it. That doesn’t mean you have to make a bad port for the PC.

10. Make your website work - It is not possible to create an account on

11. Rethink multiplayer - I don’t really care about multiplayer, but it seems there is a lot that is lacking here the last time. Perhaps you should concentrate on making an amazing single player game, and not worry about multiplayer at all? I know that is one bullet point less on the marketing checklist, but if it helps you make a better game, then its worth it.

12. Option to skip ALL cutscenes at the start of the game – We know that EA are the publishers, Crytek are the developers, the game runs best on Nvidia and so on. There is no need to make us sit through these promos EACH time. Deus Ex Human Revolution let users skip cutscenes, and so should Crysis 3.

This is really all I thought about for now. I am a huge fan of the series, and there were parts of Crysis 2 that I thought were amazing, but its nowhere near as good as the first game.

Please, don’t disappoint PC gamers this time around. I have already lost faith in most AAA titles being any good.

Sincerely yours,