Monday, November 25, 2013

Never Miss a Battlefield Moment With Nvidia ShadowPlay

For those that are not familiar, ShabowPlay is a program that is bundled with GeForce experience - the download for this is available on the Nvidia website. This program is compatible with Nvidia GeForce 6 and 7 series desktop video cards. 

Depending on the specified settings, the program automatically saves the specified time of gameplay in a temporary location, and the user can hit a key combination to save the video to the hard drive. I do not see any loss in performance when this software is running in the background. I am using an EVGA GeForce GTX 780 ACX.

For someone like me, who does not continuously record gameplay, but would like to keep a video archive of gameplay moments (Battlefield moments in particular), this program is a blessing. I will now be using DxTory & VirtualDub when I want to record a full round instead. 

I use Windows Movie Maker to edit the MP4 files generated by ShadowPlay. I typically need less than a minute of gameplay archived, so editing hardly takes any time, because it usually only involves cutting out segments. 

Windows Movie Maker is ideal for editing clips from ShadowPlay
I was briefly contemplating switching over to ATI for my next upgrade (whenever that happens), but at the moment, they don't have something equivalent to offer, and its a deal breaker for me. ShadowPlay ensures that no Battlefield moment will ever go unrecorded.

Its also especially helpful when trying to capture bugs for Battlefield 4. Here are some clips I recorded using ShadowPlay:

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