Monday, March 13, 2017

Contract J.A.C.K (PC) Review

From the developers that gave us the excellent No One Lives Forever and No One Lives Forever 2, comes the most mediocre shooter ever - Contract J.A.C.K. I cannot understand the reason behind this game's existence. The humor, fun gameplay are all gone, and we are left with a very monotonous shooter.

The biggest problem with Contract J.A.C.K is how repetitive it is. It is nowhere near as entertaining as the NOLF games, even though Contract J.A.C.K tries everything the previous games did, including the fantastic outer space mission from NOLF 2 - almost as if going through a checklist, and yet it doesn't work here.

The gameplay consists of mowing down endless droves of enemies thanks to the enemy respawn mechanic. There is no stealth, no strategy, just mindless shooting. This is fun initially, but I got tired very quickly.

Its not often that I play a game and I don't recollect anything about the story. All I know is that the main character is a gun for hire, who gets hired by the same agency Cate Archer worked for, and goes all over the world in search of something or someone. The levels are set in different locations across Europe and outer space. However, all this variety has done little to make the game fun to play. It doesn't help at all that the AI is very dim witted. Just about every enemy reacts the same way, and when you have tons and tons of enemies all acting the same way, it quickly becomes boring.

At least its technically solid. I have not experienced any issues when running the game on Windows 7. The visuals are alight, but the gameplay is the real let down. I played this game for the nostalgic value, because I am a fan of the NOLF series.

It is hard for me to recommend this game except to fans of the NOLF series, who might to give it a shot just for the sake of nostalgia.

+ Somewhat retains the atmosphere of NOLF games

- Repetitive gameplay
- Lame story
- Absolutely no replay value
- Terrible AI

Verdict - Don't bother

Verdict - Unless you are a really hardcore NOLF fan, don't bother with this one.

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