Sunday, October 1, 2023

Frontlines Fuel of War (PC) Review

A game with massive potential that sadly never lived up to it.

Frontlines Fuel of War tells the story of a world in conflict between Western Alliance and Red Star Alliance forces. The game takes place in Turkmenistan, and moves into Moscow towards the end.

This is a typical mid 2000s modern military shooter. I never had the chance to play multiplayer and the single player is very average with blurry textures, very poor weapon handling, thoroughly forgettable story, bad voice acting and bad enemy AI. There are mechanics in this game that are better than an average Call of Duty campaign such as open ended levels, and vehicles etc. but it is very hard to get past the mediocrity of the rest of the game.

I can’t stress enough how poor weapon handling is. There are two viable weapons, the sniper and the shotgun, this is because everything else is terrible. There are also drones that can be controlled by the player, which make an interesting addition to the game.

Vehicles are surprisingly good. Tanks, LAVs and even an attack chopper are quite fun to pilot.

At the current full price of $19.99, I cannot recommend it.

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