Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Battlefield 3 Problem

When I first purchased Battlefield 3, I never would have believed that I would play it for almost 250 hours, considering that I returned it the first time I bought. I purchased it the second time, and it seemed like a different game! 
Too much Battlefield 3
So anyway, what this has done is prevented me from playing any other game. I have a large number of games I haven't even started playing yet, and I have a feeling I will never finish them in my lifetime. 

My Backloggery account tells me that I have 96 games that are unfinished. There is no way I will ever get to finish all those games, considering Battlefield 4 is coming out next year. Unless EA and DICE completely screw the game, I suspect I will be playing it for a long time. 

While I am at it, I may as well say it:

Dear EA and DICE,

This may be hard for you to comprehend, but there are those of us that like Battlefield. I might even say, there are those of us that love the game. Even as you try to drive us away by making bad decisions, we will refuse to give up on Battlefield. 

You have forced us to use Origin, for no good reason other than promoting your marketing crap; you restricted access to Battlefield 4 beta to those who pre-ordered Medal of Honor Warfighter  - considering you restricted the beta of MOH Warfighter to just 360 owners, that a big "fuck you" to the rest of the potential customers. These decisions which I believe are conceived in the depths of marketing hell are not going to make the game any better.

If Medal of Honor Warfighter is a good game, it will sell on its merits alone. If anything, this makes me more weary about buying the game, which I won't anyway, despite your best (worst?) efforts.  

So here is what I ask - treat your customers with respect. That goes for console customers and PC customers. I have this sinking feeling that Battlefield is trying to be Call of Duty with yearly releases, and you know what that does to the quality of the game, right? 

Give each platform the dedication it deserves, and if there is a single player campaign, NO MORE QUICK TIME EVENTS! Its the scourge of gaming. Leave it to lazy developers to resort to QTEs. You guys are better than that (I hope). 

Battlefield 3 is an amazing game, irrespective of all the hate it seems to get. Its not perfect, but no game is. Armored Kill is one of the best expansions ever. I love it. It feels like a proper PC game; and that is really all we ask. 

Another chopper goes down in Bandar Desert.
As of now, I am still hopeful. Should Battlefield 4 feel like sloppy sequel, I shall move on and not look back. 

Just continue the good work you did with Battlefield 3 on the PC, is all I am saying.