Saturday, December 15, 2012

Now Playing - Mass Effect 3 - Part 1

I decided that this weekend I am going to do a marathon of Mass Effect 3. I am about 3 hours into the game. I am at the part where EDI takes form of the evil scientist to protect the ship. I now have to attend the war summit on the salarian ship.

Its 12/14/2012 8:25PM CST. I am beginning the mission to attend the war summit. I figured I should post screenshots of the game. 

"Its nice to know we're not kids playing with a loaded gun."
In light of yesterday's school shooting in Newport, CT, these words made me shake my head. My sincere condolences to the affected families.

Diana Allers - IGN's Jessica Chobot
Diana Allers - IGN's Jessica Chobot. 
Jessica Chobot from IGN
I was walking in the Citadel, and I spotted this particularly in-shape human woman. I had to stop and see what was going on. Turn's out its the news anchor from IGN. I remember hearing that she was in Mass Effect 3, but I forgot about it when I started playing it. Either way, I was pleased to make she acquaintance. Is is much more pleasant than one other news anchor I had encountered. 

I also think they did they a pretty good job of making the character look like Jessica Chobot. 

And then there was Miranda. 

Yvonne Strahovski  as Miranda Lawson
I believe they should have had a blonde Miranda instead of a brunette, and possibly made her look like they woman they are using to play the character. I don't think the character bears much resemblance to the actress. 

Miranda Lawson & Yvonne Strahovski
One thing I did notice in the Mass Effect universe (I could be mistaken about this), the dancers in the night clubs are all asari. There are no human female (or male for that matter) dancers in the game. I thought that was rather odd. However, the residents of the Citadel don't seem to mind. 

Mass Effect 2 - Table dance by an asari.
I did encounter this woman in Purgatory nightclub on the Citadel.

A human dancer in Mass Effect 3? 
I can imagine there being a huge controversy on Fox news if there were human strippers. After all, the news network went on to claim that the original Mass Effect allowed players to engage in graphic sex, which was completely untrue. I am not sure if they ever apologized for it...

Mass Effect 3 - Blood Dragon Armor
I never played any Dragon Age games, but did think this was a clever addition to the game.

I will post more Mass Effect 3 content in the future.

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