Saturday, December 29, 2012

Unlocking the L85A2

To unlock the L85A2 in Battlefield 3, two assignments need to be completed in this order:

1. Best Friend Forever

This requires:

  • 10 revives
  • 10 heals

2. Professional Russian

  • 100 Kills with assault rifles
  • 20 kills with underslung grenade launcher
  • Win 5 rounds of squad deathmatch (SQDM). 

All of those can be easy enough, except winning 5 rounds of squad deathmatch.

I have tried to join in to a SQDM by myself, but I never had any luck winning. The chances of winning a SQDM game are one in four, and going solo has never really helped. The best way to do this is to be in a squad. I had my wife join me, and we won five out of the 8 games we played. 

Here are a couple of good SQDM servers I found: 

1. Close Quarters
2. Battlefield 3

Here is a break down of our wins

1. Operation 925

My wife and I started off the round as assault, and for whatever reason I was terrible with the AEK. I just couldn't control it, and the best I got were kill assists. Then I switched to support class with M27, and I got considerably better. It also helped that my wife was there to revive me more often than. The match ended with 125 - 75. 

The reason my score looks that good is because I got revived several times. This is essential to winning SQDM. We had the perfect balance going. My wife healing me, while I gave her ammo. 

RomkaTerminator from C squad was my nemesis. He/she was extremely good with the shotgun, and in close quarters, and my M27 was not fast enough.  

2. Ziba Tower

So we just had our first win in SQDM, and we figured its worth seeing if we can repeat our success. So off we went to Donya Fortress. 

And we lost by 5 points. That was a close game, and we figured we should try again. 

Now its Ziba Tower. My wife played assault and I played support. This time however, I knew the M27 was not going to be fast enough. Ziba Tower has a lot of close range encounters. Considering I am really no good with shotguns, I had to find a way to beat RomkaTerminator. I went with P90 and suppressor. This proved to be very effective. I got better of the two several times, and we ended up winning. 

3. Scrapmetal

Following this victory, we wanted to play another round. This time it was Scrapmetal. My least favorite map. I don't know why, I just hate this map. I don't understand it very well. I decided to go assault, and that didn't go very well. I went back to being support with M27. That worked very well. RomkaTerminator did get me a few times, but the team didn't do very well, and we won the game. I was surprised I did as well as I did considering I was never any good at this map. 

By this time, our luck has run out is seems, and we lost the next two rounds. We decided it was time to quit. 

4. Noshar Canals

Next morning, I was casually looking through the servers for something interesting, and I found a server in Brazil that had SQDM with BF3 maps. I never played SQDM on these maps, so I wanted to give it a shot. My wife wanted to go back to playing Close Quarters, but I convinced her to at least give it a shot. 

This match went amazingly well for us. My wife was assault as usual, and I was an engineer with G36C. I also played as support with M27. I did not realize that SQDM had vehicles in it, so after taking some beating with the LAV, I spawned as an engineer, and that worked out very well for the team. 

The match ended with my wife being the MVP, even though I had 18 more kills than she did, she revived me a number of times, and that turned the match in our favor. 

5. Seine Crossing

In the preview round, I didn't have any one in the opposite teams dominate me, so winning the round wasn't much of a fight. In this round, I had this one fellow twobles, constantly harass me. He was playing as recon with SPAZ, and would annoy the hell out of me. He would jump out of nowhere and shoot me in the face and disappear. Thankfully my wife was always close by to review me or to give me health. 

Towards the end however, I got the better of him. I switched to my go to gun - M249B, and ran to the opposite building, and just waited for him to come running around the corner, and gun him down. After a few attempts, it seemed like he decided to give up irritating me. 

The round turned out to be very close. It was basically a battle between Squad C and Squad D. At one point of time, they got control of the vehicle, and were tailing us by 5 points. For whatever reason no one in my squad was going after the vehicle. I told my wife to provide me cover, and spawned as an engineer, and went after it with my SMAW. I ended up destroying the vehicle (the only time I did that in the round), and that turned the tide in our favor. 

We slowly gained momentum, and we won the round, and I unlocked the L85A2. 

Now, I am not saying I single handedly won the round for us, I did play a crucial part in our victory. 


Having gotten the L85A2, I am not sure I am a fan of the weapon. I haven't played with it a lot, but I feel the AEK and M416 are a lot better than this. I don't have all the attachments unlocked yet, and at some point, I will give this weapon another try, but for now, when I play as an assault, I will go with the AEK. 


  1. And with the support class how can i unlock it?

  2. You cannot unlock it with the support class. This rifle is available for the assault class only.

  3. You can unlock the L86A2 under the support class.

    1. I am sure you are referring to L85A1, which is a support weapon.

      This is an assault only weapon.


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