Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mionix Castor Review

I am primarily an FPS gamer and my game of choice at the moment is Battlefield 1. I played RTS games in the past, but for the last 4 years or so, different iterations of Battlefield have kept me occupied. I do not play any MOBA games, so everything said here is from the perspective of an online FPS gamer.

As for my mouse grip, I am fine with using a claw grip mouse for work, but for games, I absolutely need a palm grip mouse with easily accessible thumb buttons. Playing games with a mouse that does not offer this, just does not feel right. In the past, I have briefly used Razer Lachesis, and Razer Imperator. The Lachesis was unusable for me, it was too flat for my liking. Imperator felt a lot better in comparison, but it was not as good as the DeathAdder. 

The DeathAdder I am using now, was purchased on 10/24/2013 at Amazon for $52.99. It has served me well until now, but it started to have an issue with the left click, where one click would register as two. In Battlefield 1, when I am using a semi auto rifle, this would translate into firing two shots in quick succession. This often led to missing my target, and it is very frustrating, especially when using the Autoloading .35 because of its small magazine (5 rounds). 

I reached out to Razer, and they told me the mouse had a two year warranty, therefore they couldn’t help me. I decided to buy another mouse. I watched a video by MarbleDuck, a Battlefield Youtuber who is also a member of Symthic, and in his video he mentioned that he preferred the Mionix Castor because of its superior sensor. 

Mionix Castor
The hand side has a rubber grip, but the right hand side doesn't

I read reviews online, and while it was not strictly meant for palm grip users, I decided to give it a try considering how highly it was recommended. I purchased it on Amazon for $58.99 + taxes. Within the first 5 minutes of use in Battlefield 1, it became clear to me that I will not enjoy this mouse. The right hand side of the mouse does not have a rubber grip, the thumb buttons are not in an ideal location, and they are not flat in shape, therefore clicking them feels a lot different compared to DeathAdder. 

In my opinion, the Mionix Castor is not suited for someone with larger hands who favors a palm grip. 

I returned the mouse for a full refund and purchased the DeathAdder 2013 for $39.99. It looks like it doesn’t get any better than the DeathAdder for me. 

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